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Mr. Paigude House

Beautiful house reflects a vision of an upscale, elegant, yet comfortable home. Serving a blend of patterns, colours and textures, the home shown has been designed to impress and indulge. Project is designed to enjoy lots of amenities that are beautiful, comfortable and truly practical. The spacious living room, dining area, with the fully equipped kitchen and a large living area makes the project a dream home.

Mr. Chhabria House

An Interior Design for Mr. Chhabria’s 2 BHK apartment design is exactly customized for the available space. Every space in the house weather it is a kitchen, or bedrooms, or a hall are well designed and well furnished with modern needs and techniques. Beautiful house reflects a vision of an upscale, elegant, yet comfortable space

Cliniva pharma

Cliniva Pharmaceuticals sits perfectly on the company's ideology with a balance between the open and covered space. The design is divided into operating conditions and ease of transportation. The industrial project is divided into majorly 3 zones namely the office building, the production building and the recreation zone. On the south side the production building with easy access to the main road is available. The road is kept to the minimum to increase the open green areas on the site.The office building sits to the north of the site connecting with the central featured open space.

Brusta Store

The store is a spacious area mainly dominated by a dual toned colour scheme. Patterns of the design and a range of contemporary design elements elevate the space. Brustar store cabin includes a customized tables and luxurious chairs for staff and visitors. This makes the space feel more comfortable, but with ample privacy in the cabin. Indoor foliage helps to breathe life into the area. Project is designed innovatively so that everything becomes marvelous in its own way.

City Vista Cafeteria

We have kept the City Vista Cafeteria welcoming , cozy and warm that makes a hot cup of coffee or snacks feel charming! We have designed this beautiful cafe with available space, that makes it a stunning and luxurious café with modern-edge dining equipment and tools. Project designed is simple with elegant space that gives you glimpse of relaxing environment.

Mr. Jagdale House

This bungalow sits in the lush green area of ​​Undri and creates a serene and quiet place for the site with beautiful views overlooking the mountains. The project is a 4 story bungalow comprising various modern updated features. Jagdale house bungalow design is created keeping in mind the client requirement, site and the gesture of comfort to be in. The overall zoning is divided into 2 parts, making it separate penthouse structures linking them to the interiors with modern amenities and double height living areas and spacious windows to capture the incoming light and ventilation.